Books Written by Alusine Melvin Kanu

PUBLICATIONS: Books Written by Alusine Melvin Kanu

Reflections in Communication. An interdisciplinary approach (2009) University Press of America. Lanham, Maryland. ISBN-13 978-0-7618-4162-3 Available in text book and e book formats

Reflections in Communication is a response and guide to the need for productive and effective communication and is designed for readers who have had little or no formal instruction in the discipline of speech communication. Dealing with critical, cultural and contextual issues, the text provides a comprehensive coverage. With an outstanding collection of chapters to develop knowledge and skills, this book uses an array of resources for communicating effectively in democratic societies. An added emphasis is the utilization of interdisciplinary approaches in understanding principles, concepts, activities and theories of communication with research evidence.

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Connecting Intercultural Communication. Techniques for Communicating Effectively Across Cultures. (2010) Kendall-Hunt, Dubuque, IA. ISBN 978-0-7575-8123-6

Available in e book format

Connecting Intercultural Communication discusses effective and productive communication between cultures and includes proven techniques to do so. The text defines culture and its parts, intercultural communication as process, structures and contexts of cultural reality, listening interactively, considerations for conflict and its management, interpersonal communication, United States Culture, problem solving and decision making, language in intercultural communication, nonverbal communication, case studies as experiential approaches to intercultural communication, qualities of the culturally experienced individual.

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Experiencing Interactive Interpersonal Communication. (2011) Xlibris. United States. ISBN 978-1-4568-5632-8

Available in text book and e book

Experiencing Interactive Interpersonal Communication is designed with each chapter beginning with related participative activities followed by applications to principles and concepts of interpersonal communication. To develop as well as to maintain relationships involves mutually satisfying communication that helps to manage and sustain relationships. The text design accommodates diverse learning goals, styles and philosophies. Chapter concepts include perspectives of defining interpersonal communication, communication and self-concept, perception and communication, nonverbal communication, mindful listening, interviewing, intercultural communication in relationships, emotions and communication, communication climate, problem solving, conflict management with applications to friendships, romantic, family and workplace communication.

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Faculty Development Programs. Applications in Teaching and Learning (2011) Universe. Bloomington, In. ISBN 978-1-4620-2449-0

Available in text book and e book format

Faculty Development Programs: Applications in Teaching and Learning demonstrates instructional competencies of faculty developer, leadership facilitator, organizational developer, media specialist, and academic advisor. This well thought out text conducts discussions intended to promote how to learn with methods of study that respects faculty's desires to be experts in specialized disciplinary knowledge and specific teaching skills. The intended audience is anyone wanting to learn about teaching or knowledge transfer and for teaching professionals and for those seeking careers in education, communication, or in organizational training and development. Faculty development programs suggests contemporary underlying research and practice on up to date influences of education. An array of chapters includes developing multicultural faculty, instructional development, organizational development, gender and communication issues, media and new technologies, leadership and development and academic advising.

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Processing Public Speaking. Xlibris

Available in E-Book

With added emphasis on the production and consumption of information, communication professor Dr. Alusine M. Kanu presents in Processing Public Speaking elements in the process of oral communication, especially on understanding the basic principles of public speaking in contemporary society. Processing Public Speaking teaches self-monitoring and provides the basis for life-long improvement of oral communication skills.

With insight and understanding, readers will gain skills, especially on giving and understanding preparation and presentation of material in public settings with credible chapters on processing public speaking traditions, public speaking as communication process, processing the introductory speech, processing technology in public speaking, processing listening, oral interpretation, analyzing audiences, organizing and outlining, using supporting materials, coping with speech anxiety, informative speaking, persuasive speaking, processing verbal and nonverbal communication, and impromptu speaking. The assertions in Processing Public Speaking include guided practices in thinking, listening, speaking, and writing.

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