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The Alusine Multicultural Program Vision

To develop products and functions, such as multicultural training workshops, family communication workshops business development and management workshops in individual, small group, panel presentations, mentoring and tutoring outreach.

To provide multicultural assessment consultation, multicultural topics in counseling and in communication instruction. The program will educate students, parents, professionals, educators and other providers and consumers of multicultural services.

The multicultural program documents through systematic research, reliable ways of providing multicultural services and assessment. The program promotes and advances participating in community organizations

Dr. Alusine M. Kanu

Leadership Summary

Dr. Alusine Kanu’s leadership is to teach with provision of ability or act of duty, directing, influencing, motivating and guiding others. He embodies expression of individuals brought together in group settings to achieve intend goals with interdependence. In these workshops, Alusine taps into the field of knowing by working with others to experience the benefits and experience of love, wholeness, joy, and peace that we all deserve.

Kanu facilitates small group communication, problem solving, leadership training enhances personal communication and group dynamics, special groups and community building. He provides services that include many proven experiences that teach people how they relate to others. Leadership training an expertise of Kanu involves focusing on and developing key abilities and talents to create well-rounded leaders.

Leadership programs designed by Alusine discuss values of leadership training, customized leadership training, ongoing leadership development, starting small and letting it grow, building a cohesive leadership team and making sound investments. Goals also include helping leaders to achieve their maximum potential, generating positive long-term results, fostering a sense of community, motivating others by establishing trust and communication, aligning personal and organizational goals and setting goals to achieve maximum performance.

Alusine Kanu DA, D. Ed leadership philosophy is described with discussions of concepts of teaching and learning, adult education with applications of reflections in human and adult development and community metaphors. Dr. Kanu’s leadership includes ways of understanding identity management. Identity management refers to the way we handle various communicative, counseling, human resource management issues and organizational situations in which we find ourselves.

A philosophy of Alusine’s leadership includes familiarity with cultural history, religious and spiritual influences, national origin, and the practice of legal customs and traditions. The various factors in achieving success with adult learners are motivation, control, experience, diversity, aging, goal, relevance, habits, change, and respect.

Biography of Business Owner; Alusine M. Kanu DA, D.Ed.

My autobiography explains aspects of my personal and professional background, including research interests. My name is Dr. Alusine M. Kanu. I am a native of Sierra Leone, West Africa. I migrated 33 years ago to the United States with the goal of furthering my education. I am a three-time graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia with course work in communication, human resource training and development (Interdisciplinary Studies) and a doctorate in Community College Education, with course work in Communication Instruction. I am currently pursuing a second doctorate (D.Ed.) in Pastoral Community Counseling at Argosy University.

My career experiences include working as an elementary school teacher, a peer counselor, librarian, radio announcer and producer, public relator, legal researcher, co-teacher of research methods in communication and instructor for workshops titled “Training the Trainer”, coordinator of communication and theatre faculty cluster and employ-ment interviewer at Northern Virginia Community College. My hobbies include love for music, cooking, theatre, playing soccer and table tennis and facilitating communication and multi-cultural counseling education.

I am a retired professor in Communication at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Virginia, and adjunct faculty at George Mason University. I teach Introduction to Speech Communication, Interpersonal Communication, Small Group Communication, Public Speaking, Business Communication, Intercultural Com-medication, Organizational Communication & Mass Communication.

stage. What also distinguishes me from others is that I am the first-born from a polygamist family of 27 children. My late father had three wives. I am happy to say that 18 of my family members are peaceful, productive, and legal residents in the U.S. I am unique because I have had exposure to both individualistic and collectivist cultures, and my impression is that both world views are useful when uncertainty is reduced. My research interest complements goals understanding leadership in social and psychological contexts. I use cognitive language as a system of symbols to describe people, things, and situations in my mind that are influenced by language and message productions and consumption.

My research aims to improve relationships with individuals, family, business by exploring qualitative and quantitative research approaches of workforce development & career development. An added expectation is guidance in the application of approaches are meant to enhance self-awareness and understanding of the many aspects of communication about multi-cultural counseling. I would hope to assist counselees to understand approaches to treating and alleviating behavioral and emotional distresses and to develop effective strategy in improving challenging behaviors.